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    Inspire Athletic - your local supplier of high quality athletic apparel, nutrition and accessories on Brisbane’s Bayside.

    Inspire Athletic is a family owned, local business born from a personal need to source excellent products to suit the triathlon and training of the founders, Nicola and Steven Glasper. We realised that if we were having issues sourcing the best products, other locals probably were too. So, we built Inspire Athletic - a culmination of the best apparel, accessories and nutrition to inspire your training and your competition.

    We now have a wide range of products, including many top name brands like saltstick, Feetures, BodyGlide, Headsweats and Compressport. Inspire Athletic also stocks a range of apparel under our own brand - these products have been put through their paces and last the distance.

    Orders are sent directly from our Bayside location in Brisbane to ensure you have your products as soon as possible and can get out there - running, swimming, cycling, inspiring.

    Nicola & Steven (Team Inspire)