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    Tailwind Nutrition

    Tailwind Nutrition
    Tailwind Nutrition - You sweat? Tailwind nutrition has all your calorie, hydration and electrolyte needs in one easy to use drink and it's backed up with a refreshing light flavour. 

    What is Tailwind Nutrition?
    Tailwind Nutrition is your one-stop-shop for endurance fuel during long training days while running, cycling or walking. Packed full of energy & electrolytes your not going to pull up short while using Tailwind.  No juggling gels, pills, or chews - just pour, shake, and go.

    How to use Tailwind Nutrition ?

    The general rule of  using Tailwind is to mix one stickpack (or 2-3 multiserving bag scoops) with 500-750ml of water, and sip this mixture little and often over the course of one hour. 

    E.g. If you're aiming to finish a marathon in 4 hours look to use 4 stickpacks, 5 hours? 5 stickpacks

    How to take Tailwind during a road marathon:

    Having to refill your hydropack mid-race or carry 4 different bottles is not ideal. That's why for a road race (such as any marathon) we have the following advice:

    Mix together 4 stickpacks with roughly 600ml of water (the amount of water varies depending on the capacity of your bottle/hydropack). This will create a very concentrated mixture with an almost gel like texture. Look to sip through this one mixture over the course of the whole race. This mixture will be much more concentrated and possess a stronger flavour than usual, so use water from aid stations to wash it down and keep yourself hydrated.