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    Inspire Athletic is a family owned, online business born from a personal need to source quality products to suit our training needs. We realised that if we were having issues sourcing these products, others probably were too. So, we built Inspire Athletic – offering athletes of Australia with a great range of products to inspire your training and your competition.

    Why us? We’re age group triathletes with a passion for health, fitness and great products at a good price. We’re parents, we’re employees, we’re always busy and on the go – we’re just like you.

    We have dreams of what we want to achieve in our chosen sport, and fully understand what it takes to reach those goals and achieve your dreams.

    Our triathlon journey for both of us commenced in 2016 – we didn’t have a swimming background, didn’t own a bike and were both in our late 30s with a small child, no family around to help (we’re from the UK originally), zero triathlon experience (we’d done a couple of half marathons and one marathon each) and had dreams of becoming triathletes.

    Since commencing our journey we’ve been able to accomplish some pretty cool sporting achievements…

    Both of us have successfully completed various Triathlon events at all distances from enticer through to full Ironman events. Steven is an accredited Triathlon Australia Development Coach and AusCycling Foundation Instructor (Road), and Nic is an accredited Triathlon Australia Development Coach and Athletics Australia Level 1 Recreational Running Coach. Nic is also an Ironman World Championship qualifer in 2024.

    We hope to be able to support your own sporting goals and dreams, and look forward to providing you with our awesome Team Inspire customer service.

    Ste, Nic & Daniel
    Team Inspire