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    Everything in Compressport is about passion…

    Passion in training, Passion for extreme races, Passion to push the limits. Passion goes along with deep respect for YOU, professional athletes that lead the way in performance and age group athletes who are out there every day juggling between their family & work commitments and their passion for sport.
    Passion for the quest of the perfect product…Always looking for more improvement, more preciseness, more exclusivity.

    Their goal has always been to become the reference product without ever compromising our identity and quality. The response and feedback they received so far shows they are going in the right direction. 

    All their products are 100% European made (R&D, fibres, knitting, assembly, dying, testing. The products are then tested in the toughest conditions,Abu Dhabi, Hawaii, Mont Blanc, Sahara Desert to name just a few. 


    Compressport's aim has always been to provide you with 100% satisfaction and this is why they offer you a 2 year warranty on their Compression products.

    COMPRESSPORT®, a high-end quality product with a medical background
    They are proud to be a 100% Swiss company with 100% European made products:

    – Their products are designed and developed in Europe
    – The machines we use are 100% European made
    – The yarns / dyes used are 100% European

    All their products use fabrics and yarns that meet the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100: Independent controls on harmful textile substances to make sure the products do not pose any health risk.